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This is an open RP post
Got something you been itching to RP with Bumblebee? An AU you dreamed about? Been inspired by some picture or song? Or just want to RP randomly?
Post here.

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Oct. 9th, 2015 08:00 pm
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This is Bumblebee.
I can't answer right now. But if you leave a message, I'll get back to you when I can.

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So given RID2015 takes places so many hand-wavey years after the events of Transformers: Prime, I felt it's best to do this.

Since obviously Bee is more likely to know the future versions of chars from Prime, I made this form so I can know more or less what Bee knows.

Thank you ahead of time for filling this form out.

- 1) Are they still alive? Self explanitory, is your character dead? Alive? Undead? What. If they're dead you can obviously skip the rest, lol

- 2) What are they doing in a post war future? Are they a scientist, cop, medic, bar keep? Any other job(s) you might be prone to using?

- 3) Are they still on Cybertron? Are they still on the home planet? Or did they go to some other planet for some reason?

- 4) What do they look like? Has their colors changed? Alt-mode? Eye color? did they join the big shoulders and pompadours revolution that seems to be going on?

- 5) Anything else? Anything else I left out that you can think of?

KL app

Apr. 19th, 2015 04:55 pm
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Player Information

Name/Alias: Katt
Your Journal: [personal profile] robotindisguise
Age: Old enough to be your mom.....I mean 38
Contact Information: Plurk: Spectreselva, AIM: katt30x
Characters already in the game: Bulkhead

Character Information

Character Journal: [personal profile] notoptimus
Character Name: Bumblebee
Character Canon: Transformers: Robots In Disguise. No not that RID, the other one, no not that one either.
Age: Young adult, probably around mid 20s or so?
Race: Cybertronian
Timeline Pull Point: Post episode 20, The Trouble with Fixit
Canon History: Boop, though given RID2015 is supposed to take place sometime after the events of TFP ended, everything from the Prime cartoon is canon to him as well.

Personality: Bumblebee's grown up rough. That happens when most of your young life, pretty much since you were born, was spent fighting in a war.

This Bee has grown up out of the young scout that he was, adjusting to a world in peacetime, and the changes it's gone through. He takes things that happen seriously, and thinking things through before he reacts to a situation. Specially when there could be fighting involved. Not only looking out for himself, but any teammates that might be tagging along with him.

And that's another thing that he's had to adjust to. Being a leader. While he had great role models for it, including Optimus Prime himself, Bumblebee doesn't consider himself a very good leader, having a touch of low self worth not helping with this feeling. Even turning down the chance to be more than just a street cop on the regenerated Cybertron. Despite this he leads to the best of his abilities, even if sometimes his team can frustrate him with their antics(sometimes including not following orders or brushing him off. He treats his teammates well despite this. Sympathising with them, giving them advice over things and just being there when they need him. If he's not keeping them in line, and getting them to work as a team.

While he's more serious, there is still a fun side to Bumblebee. He still likes to race, watch movies and just have fun. You know, when stuff isn't happening. He also likes to listen to music. One thing that will really bring out happiness in him is talking about anything Earth related. Having been on Earth so long, he's a bit of an Earth nerd. He likes to talk about Earth related stuff, and knows the most about humans and Earth's other creatures. Making it easy for him to help his team adjust to the strange new planet.

Also, he's terrible at making catch phrases. But he gets better at them.


Transformer: Being a Cybertronian, of course he can transform. He has a robot mode, as well as an alt-mode which is a Griffin Motors 1995 Windblazer car.

Former scout: Given he's a former scout, He still posses abilities from those days. Mainly tracking, subterfuge, spying, and espionage. Cause I can't really see those skills going away

Fighting skills: While he's not as elite anymore, as he appeared when he was younger(possibly due to being rusty from post war, plus being basically a beat cop), he can handle himself in a battle situation. Either hand to hand, or with weapons.

Strength: He's been shown to be pretty darn strong. From helping to hold up a bridge, to holding up possibly a block of Crown City.

Dead Primes: He....can see dead Primes, or at least get messages from Prime. Which seems to be a rather unique ability in his world. Since only him, and the Decepticon Steeljaw, could do it(Or well, Optimus could too, ya know, before he died). Or at least they're the only ones until they manifest physical forms, lol.


- His security issued blaster. Can be set to stun, or, assumedly, non stun. It's not nearly as powerful as, say, the built in blasters of the war, but it gets the job done.
-His Decepticon Hunter. TLDR: This is basically like a dues-ex-machina weapon. As it takes the users thought processes, and turns them into any weapon they can imagine. Within limits of course. While mainly used by Cybertronians, the Hunter also seems to be able to be used by humans, and other organics/robotic species, as well(since Denny cClay was able to touch it and produce a flail), though it might be more unwieldy for them given the size. Apparently when combined with two other Decepticon Hunters, it can produce enough energy to create armor for the wielder. But on it's own, it doesn't have enough power to do that.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample: [The feed from the drone clicks on, giving the view of a rather bright yellow colored bot. He's not looking the most impressed, but when he speaks the voice might be familiar to some. Even if the bot attatched to it isn't.]

Can't say I ever expected to wake up back on Cybertron. Much less one that resembles earth so closely.

[He'll take a moment to glance around him, before looking back the feed and clearing his throat.]

My name is Bumblebee. If anyone from my team is here, please report in. To anyone else getting this transmission. Uh, hi. [Seriously, what else do you say to a bunch of strangers?]

Bumblebee out.

Third Person Sample:

His doorwings twitched as he came back to consciousness. He pushed up to his knees, and groaned as he lifted a hand to rub at the back of his head. He on lined his optics and took a look around him. At least this looked like Earth. He didn't remember leaving the scrap yard, however. Much less passing out while doing so. He pushed himself up to a crouched position, reaching a hand up to his built in comm unit.

"Bumblebee to Fixit, can you hear me? Try and get a fix on my location." He frowned as only static answered him. "Fixit come in." Pause. "Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Drift. Come in. Can anybody hear me?" Still only static answered him, making his frown deepen as he went over possible causes.

Was the communications array down? Or was the signal being blocked some how?

Giving a frustrated sigh, he pushed up to his feet, to better get his bearings. If the signal was being blocked, that meant there could be Decepticons somewhere near by, waiting to ambush him. He couldn't be caught off guard, specially without his team here to back him up. He took another quick look around, before he headed off into the cover of the trees. He needed to find out where he was, and his team. And find out fast.

Final Notes:

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